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October 1st 2007 - Petition to open second culvert in Farm Pond

We the undersigned taxpayers, residents of the Farm Pond watershed, and/or neighbors and members of "Friends of Farm Pond", are extremely concerned about the accelerated deterioration of Farm Pond, its water quality, its shellfish and wildlife, and the potential health hazards of water borne and mosquito borne diseases. We feel that the conditions have again reached the Emergency level.

We urge the town of Oak Bluffs to act as soon as possible to increase the flow in and out of the pond on a tidal cycle. It is our belief that removal of the concrete plugs at both ends of the original culvert, south of the current opening, would be a low cost action that would result in a significant improvement.


1. Heather Goff Oak Bluffs, MA year round, home owner Please support our efforts to stabilize the pond.
2. Sanford Low Oak Bluffs, Ma year round, home owner
3. David Grunden Oak Bluffs, MA If not now, when?
4. Noemie Goff-Pochat Oak Bluffs, MA year round
5. Martha Shaw Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts year round, home owner A storm surge could threaten the properties around the Pond, as well as the septic and cesspools in low lying areas creating a health hazard. Because the opening to the Pond was closed by the Town and State, without regard to recommended specifications, we feel that immediate remedial measures are necessary to reduce the liability of government organizations from damage to property, wildlife and the health of the community.
6. Alan Willens Oak Bluffs, MA OB Resident Home Owner Improving circulation in Farm Pond will help in preventing the slow death of one of Oak Bluffs' finest natural resources.
7. wendy palmer oak bluffs, ma year round
8. Diane Morgan Oak Bluffs, MA Year Round Resident
9. Katharine Grandfield Oak Bluffs, MA Year Round
10. Dorothy Grandfield Brookline, MA Seasonal resident Homeowner I have lived next to the pond for over 50 years, and have been witness to the slow strangulation of this valuable resource. We need to act NOW, before the effects of our neglect are irreversible.
11. Janice & Roland Aubut St. Petersburg, FL Former year round resident 25 yrs. I have lived next to the pond all my life and only in the last 20 or so years has the pond seen such deterioration due to the culvert being closed.
12. Claudia Leidinger Canterbury, NH Seasonal resident/Homeowner
13. Dennis Benfante Brookhaven, NY Seasonal
14. Ronald Moore Oak Bluffs, MA Year Round Resident Saving Farm Pond is important to Oak Bluffs and preserving MV.
15. Andrew Moore Oak Bluffs, Ma. Year Round Farm Pond is an amazingly diverse ecosystem sitting for all to see just outside the center of Oak Bluffs. To bring it back to it's active healthy condition would be welcome to any interested in wildlife and natural beauty.
16. Frank Barvenik Weston, CT seasonal resident and taxpayer for more than 40 years We built our home on the North shore of Farm Pond in the late 1960's, and my wife's family has lived near the pond for two previous generations. At that time there was an abundance of wildlife in the waters. White perch, eels, blue crabs, mussels, oysters and clams have all but disappeared. We used to sail in the pond and take our row boats through the opening to the sea, and not be oppressed by the stench of accumlated dead and decaying vegetation along the shore. This is a terrible waste of a beautiful resource. The simple, very low cost expedient of removing the concrete plugs at both ends of the original culvert can improve circulation on a tidal cycle. Also, the town should allow additional homeowners in the watershed to hook up to the wastewater treatment plant, thereby reducing the influx of nutrients. Both of these are doable right NOW. In addition, the feasibility of creating a larger, bridged opening should be studied for the longer term.
17. Rebecca Everett OB, MA YR FP is choked at the culvert.
18. Susan Shea Aquinnah, Ma. Year Round for 34 years, Coming here 50 years All of THE PONDS of MV need to be protected in anyway we can!! They are ALL ENDANGERED and we have the EXPERTS right here to advise and they know how to get the right information!!! PROTECT FARM POND!!!
19. Alfred Woollacott,III Oak Bluffs, MA year round We support all reasonable efforst to restore Farm Pond to the condition it once had
20. Jennifer Benefit Edgartown, MA Year Round We support efforts to improve the health of farm pond and the environment in and around the pond. Thank you all for all of your hard work.
21. Ralph Lanzetti Niantic, Ct. seansonal resident and taxpayer for over 32years Farm pond is the first inland body of water most visitors see and to see the posted signs that say contaminated would certainly make one wonder.
22. barry stringfellow santa monica, ca homeowner, temporarily seasonal, soon to be back year round The pond is in dire need of help. Over the past 9 years, I've seen, and smelled, an alarming decay of the natural ecosystem. It's a sad indicator of the quality of life when we dare not let our kids dip a toe into the pond, and the contamination signs have been in place to long they too are decaying. This a man-made problem that man can fix, relatively easily. Let's act now before it become much more difficult to fix, or before the damage is irreversible.
23. Alison Barry Carothers Dover, MA Fourth generation seasonal homeowner-- please suppor this simple step to increase tidal flow into the pond. An easy and inexpensive first step to protect a valuable vineyard resource.
24. Stephanie Mashek Oak Bluffs, MA Year-round
25. Susan Dawson Oak Bluffs, MA year-round When the second culvert was open, the pond water was clear, there was no smell, and the plant life thrived. Ever since the state closed the culvert, to our dismay, the pond has been murky and often smelly. To clean up the pond, one idea has been to lessen the population of geese, but one of my favorite things about our pond is the wildlife - including geese - that populate this area. If we can flush the pond and keep it clear, it'll be best for all.
26. Thea Hansen Oak Bluffs, Ma. year round resident

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